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Covid-19 Updates

Changes to isolation period for COVID-19
Updated 30 July 2020


  • From 30th July 2020 people who have tested positive for coronavirus will have to self-isolate for 10 days instead of 7 days. The 10 day period starts from the day symptoms start, or if asymptomatic from the day a test is taken.  As before a test should be arranged within 5 days of symptoms starting. This will also apply to health and social care workers.
  • This change is based on evidence that there is potential for the virus to be transmitted beyond 7 days after symptoms start.
  • Anyone who continues to be unwell or suffer from vomiting, breathlessness or fatigue after 7 days of first showing symptoms of coronavirus should contact 111 or their GP.
  • Those who were self-isolating before Thursday 30 July do not need to continue to day 10, unless they are still experiencing relevant symptoms on day 7.
  • The 14-day isolation period for contacts of cases remains unchanged. We continue to keep all evidence under review.
  • The exception to the 10 day rule is for hospital patients and care home residents where a 14 day isolation period applies. This is in line with the current guidance for those admitted or diagnosed in care homes and for those admitted to or diagnosed in hospital who required critical care or are severely immunocompromised. The 14 day isolation rule will now also apply to anyone admitted to or diagnosed in hospital, to make the guidance clearer and more operational.