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Meet Your New Classteacher

Classes for 2020/21

With a Pupil Admission Number of 40 again this year set by the Local Authority we are required to have mixed age group classes at Usk Primary. 

The only year group organised by age will be Reception with the oldest 10 children in the Reception year group joining 19 children from Year 1 in Redwood class. Apart from our Ash class all other classes in the school will contain mixed age groups.

Staff have spent a considerable amount of time constructing the new classes for next year based on the suggestions for friends that were shared with teachers during lockdown. Each class is mixed ability and where achievable, has an equal balance of genders. Children have been placed in classes where staff believe they will achieve the best progress in their learning. They may not be with their best friend but we believe this provides all children with the opportunity to develop social skills as they build new friendship circles with their new classmates. Pupil relationships are a strength of the school and often commented upon by visitors. The way that children at Usk Primary get to work with different ages and groupings fosters this. We also recognise that some children will benefit from becoming more independent or detaching themselves from less desirable partnerships. Therefore, the effect of creating new classes has many advantages.

We ask that parents and carers support the school in helping your child manage the transition to their new class and trust the decisions that have been made.



Miss Guppy

TA - Miss Cecen



Mrs Acaster & Mrs Pheasant

TA- Mrs Scrivin



Miss Dougal

TAs - Mrs Prior / Miss Bancroft



Mrs Roach-Rooke (Reception/Y1&2 Team Leader)

TA – Mrs Christie



Mr Beckett  (Y3/4 Team  Leader)



Mr Southgate



Miss Storey



Miss Jones



Mrs Fanning



Mr Gregory  (Y5/6 Team  Leader)

Moving from Foundation Phase to Key Stage 2

The Year 3/4 teachers take you for a tour of KS2 and introduce themselves.

Welcome to Dosbarth Ash with Miss Guppy

Welcome to Redwood Class with Mrs Pheasant

Welcome to Redwood Class with Mrs Acaster

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Welcome to Silverbirch with Mrs Roach-Rooke

Welcome to Elm Class with Miss Dougal

Welcome to Willow Class with Mr Beckett

Beech - Meet Mr Southgate 2020

Meet the teacher- with Miss Storey, Hazel

Welcome to Oak Class with Miss Jones

Welcome to Maple Class with Mrs Fanning

Welcome to Sycamore Class with Mr Gregory

Expressive Arts KS2 with Mrs Morgan

Willow Class Meet Mrs Morgan Too!