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The school works closely with our community to ensure that issues that may affect our local residents are discussed and resolved to a mutually beneficial level.


It is imperative that when parents visit our school either to drop off or pick up their children that they do so with due care and attention and do not put others at risk. They should also give consideration to our local community and park safely and in appropriate areas. It may result in parents parking a small distance away from school and walking into the school grounds to drop off or collect their children. It is important to our school that positive relations with our local community remain in place and do not diminish due to inconsiderate, dangerous parking by our parents or visitors or abusive behaviour to local residents.


I have been informed that Police and the Civil Enforcement Officers will be making regular trips to the area at the beginning and end of the school day to monitor the situation.


Whilst writing, I would like to remind parents of the following:

  • The speed limit in the school front car park is 5 MPH. This speed is set in the interest of the safety of all those using our car park.
  • Parents dropping off or collecting their children are NOT permitted to drive into or park in the school grounds after 8.30am unless they have prior agreement of the school. Even when this agreement has been made, if there are no available car parking spaces, please park outside the school grounds and walk into school to collect your child(ren).
  • Calling into the school office with a query at the start or end of the school day is not an excuse for you to park in the school grounds. This is being monitored.
  • Please do not block cars already parked or double park your car as this is a hazard to other vehicles entering and exiting our car park and therefore could endanger our pupils when they are exiting our school.
  • We have a number of mini buses that use our parking facilities and therefore in the interest of safety other vehicles should not use the car park until after 4.00 pm.


We would also like to ask parents collecting their children to support the school in three other ways and so reinforce what we tell the pupils:

  • Please use the pavements around the car park and do not take a short cut.
  • Please use the pedestrian gate opposite the crossing
  • Please cross at the pedestrian crossing if you have to cross Monmouth Road.
  • Please show respectful behaviour to our neighbours.


We appreciate your continued support in this matter.