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Pupil Deprivation Grant 2014-15 (PDG)

The Welsh Government have asked schools to give parents clarity as to how pupil deprivation grants are spent in schools. The following aims to give you a clear picture of how Usk Church in Wales Primary School spends the money available through this grant.

The total number of pupils on school roll for September 2014 is 234. The school’s FSM (Free School Meal) population is 5.9%. This is similar to the population for the previous year.

The total allocation of PDG to this school for the financial year is £10,098. The school undertakes the following activities in order to support pupils facing the challenges of poverty and deprivation:

Literacy, numeracy and social skills small group support and catch up programmes, 
Develop staff competency in teaching literacy and numeracy through ipads. 
Make provision for learners experiencing material disadvantage to take advantage of enrichment activities e.g. music projects.
Termly teacher tracking days – FSM/Non FSM attainment.


The school’s PDG Plans are supported by advice from the EAS and monitored by the Local Authority.