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Rags to Riches Collection

We have once again signed up to the Rags To Riches Schools recycling scheme, to raise money and help others around the world benefit from our good quality unwanted clothes and shoes. We get 40p for every kilo we collect of reusable items and would be most grateful if you could help us.

We have a collection booked on 9th February 2022 so please keep good clothing to donate to us on this date.

Clean and reusable items that can be donated:

  • Good quality clothes and accessories.
  • Adults, children’s and babies clothing such as jackets, jumpers, hoodies, trousers, skirts, scarves, gloves, belts, handbags, paired shoes and other footwear etc.

They cannot reuse the following items:

  • Worn out shoes or clothes, clothes that are wet or have holes in.
  • Curtains, pillows or duvets, bric-a-brac or books.
  • Personalised items.
  • Work uniform, branded school uniform or team sports kit

If it isn’t something you’d wear out and about yourself or pass to a friend, then no-one else will want to buy and wear it so unfortunately, it’s not reusable and can’t go in the bag.

Donated clothes and accessories are sent to Europe, Africa and even further away to be sold at market stalls as affordable items for those in real need of clothing.

Thank you in advance for your support.