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We stand with Ukraine

The current tragedy in Ukraine will be in the hearts and minds of many of our children, families and staff. It will also be very sensitive for anyone who have loved ones in this part of the world. When critical events occur in our world, we have a responsibility to be aware of the events and recognise how these may impact everyone’s emotional health.

On Friday 25th March we will be holding a day of reflection to support children in school with any worries or concerns they may have and show our solidarity for the people of Ukraine.

We have decided to work in collaboration with The Priory Church of St Mary’s, Usk to support Ukrainian charities through monetary donations and Reverend Sally will be in school on the 25th March to work within our school family. We would be very grateful if you could support our collection for those in a great need because of the crisis. Please donate via ParentPay using this link - The donation window is open until Thursday 31st March, and you can donate anything from £1 to £25.

We also have Comic Relief on Friday 18th March and have asked for a donations for this day too. If you are unable to support both days, please do not feel you have to. Please just support whichever charity you feel you’d like to and are able to.

Having conversations with children about tragic global events can be challenging to navigate appropriately. Still, our children depend on the adults in their lives to make sense of these events to feel safe. Children of different ages and maturity will have different levels of understanding and capacity for processing the information unfolding in Ukraine.  We have added some suggestions for your consideration, resources  and web links to our school website that you may find useful - Talking about the events in Ukraine | Usk Church in Wales Primary School (

The emotional safety of our children is always a priority and will be at the forefront of teachers’ minds as they navigate their way through supporting learners during the tragedy in an age appropriate and sensitive way.

It is safe to say, we are all affected by the images seen in the media. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families in Ukraine, and those affected directly or indirectly worldwide by this tragedy.