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Supporting Our Wider Community

Usk Primary School Pupils enjoyed their last day of term holding a non-uniform day in exchange of clothing donations for children in Kenya. We also donated old reading books and spare exercise books and pencils. 


The clothes will travel to Africa  to provide orphans and vulnerable children in the village of Uyoma in Western Kenya with clothes and supplies for their school. The village which has many children orphaned by HIV/AIDS is supported by the Msingi Wa Tumaimi charity.


Msingi Wa Tumaimi charity was founded by Grace Bridgwater a Social Worker at Monmouthshire County Council. Grace was born in the village and feels very passionately about the community she was brought up in. The village has 1,000 orphans, 800 of which attend a school founded by Grace's father. Of the 800 who attend the school, 500 are girls. The charity works to alleviate poverty through promoting education among girls and orphans in Uyoma. 

Pupils at the school were lucky to have a special assembly with Grace. Grace talked to pupils about what life is like in Kenya and how their clothes will make such a difference. The pupils were enthused and penned letters to the children in Uyoma to share with them details of their lives.