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The Governing Body

Welcome to the Governors' Section

Since the Education Act 1986, the majority of schools have had their own governing body. Usk Primary School enjoys its own Governing Body of 15 members. The 1986 Act had given Governing Body's far more authority and far more responsibilities including, for example, sole responsibility for the appointment of teaching staff and equal representation with Local Authority(LA) representation on the appointment of Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher. The major responsibilities also include monitoring the general conduct of the school, its admission and discipline policies, its curriculum policies and practice and administering the school's delegated budget.

The Governing Body

Chair & Foundation Governor- Hilary Baker

Vice Chair & Parent Governor  - Michelle Alford

Parent Governor - Kate Welsher

Parent Governor - Jayne McKenna

Parent Governor - David Horsely

Local Authority - C.Cllr Peter Clarke

Local Authority - C.Cllr Brian Strong

Local Authority - Sian Hayward

Teacher Governor - Huw Waythe

Staff Governor - Grace Curzon

Foundation Governor -Rev. Kevin Hasler

Foundation Governor - Sue Blair

Community Governor - John Love

Community Governor - John Harris

Headteacher - Victoria Evans


Our Governing Body's Vision


It is September 2018 and we are in our open Annual General Meeting with a group of children, parents, staff, PTFA, LA and community representatives.  They all share with us their opinions, positive and negative, on progress over the last year and explain how they want us to continue working with them this year.


We talk about which of us can best lead on each topic and agree a fresh programme of work for the new academic year.


The children share with us their view of school life which includes a confident presentation of how they experience and demonstrate all of the Christian values for life that are at the heart of the school for all who spend time there.  This is a very emotional time for the governors who feel proud of such special young people and to have been able to support the provision of the facilities and environment where they have been free to develop to their highest potential.


Governors share their knowledge gained about the new WAG and LA initiatives and their experiences of involvement in the school including areas of opportunity for development of the facilities and their use.  We discuss the next strategic area for funding priority now we have succeeded in improving the staff facilities as well as those for the children.


We follow this by congratulating the permanent Head teacher, Deputy Head and staff on the continuing improvements in the successes of the children both academically and socially.  We discuss the ongoing activities related to the positive findings of the last Estyn Inspection and we ask how we will build on this success and improve the results further next year.


Governors volunteer to join committees that make the most of their experience and skills and also in some cases where they will learn more about another aspect of the school.


The new chair of governors asks who would like to be vice-chair and to shadow them in preparation to take over as chair when their term of office is over.  We have a lively and warm discussion about the merits of the five governors who offer to do this, then happily support the new vice-chair. 


The meeting finishes on time and we chat together, talking of our plans to visit the school this term.  We share how much we are enjoying being part of the governing body, our pride in the school and the successes of the children.


Our Governing Body is ; 

Knowledgeable, Organised, Reliable, Helpful, Confident, Dependable, Responsive, Friendly, Energetic, Supportive, Approachable, Able, Dignified, Proud, Adaptable