Usk Church in Wales Primary School

Believe... Achieve... Succeed

Credu... Cyflawni... Llwyddo

An Introduction To Our School

Thank you for your interest in Usk Church in Wales Primary School. March 2020 saw us mark the 35th  anniversary of the school, and in the past few years, we have grown from around 200 pupils to 260, organised in ten classes that are named after trees. Regardless of the numbers of children, we have always strived to ensure that their experience at primary school is memorable.


Following our Green School Categorisation in 2016 and successful Estyn and Section 50 Church School Inspections in 2018 , we have continued to evaluate and develop our provision to meet the needs of our pupils. As a school, we have a wealth of staff experience and expertise to draw on and have structures in place to ensure that all children are supported well, not only as they start in our reception classes, but throughout the primary years.


Pupils at Usk CiW Primary School are encouraged to do their very best and we are immensely proud of the achievements of both past and present pupils. We want them to Believe, Achieve and Succeed and be as successful as they can be – not only in their academic achievements, but pastorally and across the wider curriculum.


Our talented team of  32 staff (1 Headteacher, 1 Deputy Headteacher, 12 Teachers, 1 Higher Level Teaching Assistant, 13 Teaching Assistants, 2 caretakers and 2 administrators) work hard to provide an exciting curriculum and high levels of pastoral care, along with extra-curricular opportunities, which help children to develop their interests and talents.


Our pupils are encouraged to participate and persevere, even when things get a little tricky; and for those who excel, there are opportunities to take part in local competitions and festivals in the fields of sport and the expressive arts. We are fortunate to have pupils who are keen to get involved, to represent their school and to take on responsibilities. It is always a delight to see our older pupils supporting younger pupils – whether that’s as reading buddies, play leaders or as school ambassadors. 


We hope that our pupils will continue to be active citizens when they leave our school, and embrace the opportunities that secondary school and life beyond will offer them.


Usk CiW Primary School serves the market town of Usk, in Monmouthshire, and surrounding villages. Although we have been full in Reception for a number of years, we also have seen places offered to children who live outside of Usk in nearby catchment areas.


We hope that our website will help you to make an informed choice that Usk CiW Primary School is the right school for your child and your family. We are also very happy to answer questions from prospective parents via email or phone.


We know choosing a new school is such an important decision to make and visiting schools will give you that 'feeling' that you have chosen the school that's right for your family. We will do our very best to share our friendly, happy, inclusive school with you in creative ways and hope the information within this website can give you an essence of what your child will experience being a valued member of Usk CiW Primary School family and so that you can see that we really are ‘A Place to Smile’.

Our School Vision





Usk CiW Primary School | FOUNDATION PHASE

A snap shot of our Foundation Phase (Reception to Year 2).

New Parents Information Presentation - please click the link to find out more information about our school.