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Links with Other Schools & Transition Arrangements

Our School Cluster

We are part of the Monmouth Cluster of Schools, and have a close working relationship with Monmouth Comprehensive School, Raglan Primary School, Osbaston Primary School, Overmonnow Primary School , Trellech Primary School, Cross Ash Primary School, Kymin View Primary School and Llandogo Primary School.

Teachers from across the cluster work closely to share their expertise and ensure that similar effective teaching and learning strategies are used thus aiding a smooth transition on to comprehensive school. 

The Headteachers of the cluster schools meet regularly, as do the Professional Learning Leads, to ensure that we have a shared and consistent approach to the development of the Curriculum for Wales within our schools.

Transition to Secondary School

The catchment secondary school for Usk is Monmouth Comprehensive School although we are lucky enough in the Usk area to have several good state and independent schools around and they all have different strengths.

When the time comes to apply for a secondary school place for your child, it is important to consider which school is best suited for your child and your family. 

The local schools that the majority of Usk children go on to are:


We ensure that all children are supported in their transition process regardless of their age or school that they are moving too.

In Year 6, it is particularly important to help support and prepare the children for some of the changes which accompany moving to secondary school. For all of our children, this is an important life step and can be quite daunting.

To help ensure the children are equipped with the skills needed, we:

  • We actively encourage children to explore their new schools before they finish at Usk. This includes providing leaflets/information to prospective students (starting in Year 5), facilitating meetings with members of staff, encouraging visits to open days and transition events and providing opportunities for the children to explore their new school's website (and transition information) during the school day. 
  • Provide emotional support for all children to address any worries/questions they may have about their move to secondary school.
  • Give assemblies about moving to secondary schools. 

In addition to the above activities, as staff, we also have in depth conversations with each secondary school about all of our Year 6 children. These conversations help to give a sense of each child and ensure that their new teachers are able to continue their learning journey smoothly. 

Links to Monmouth Comprehensive School transition page on their website & their email address for any transition queries. 


Y6 Transition Page on the MCS Website - click here


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