Usk Church in Wales Primary School

Believe... Achieve... Succeed

Credu... Cyflawni... Llwyddo

Usk Junior Church

The Junior Church meets during school term-time every Sunday at 9.30am.
The children (from babies until age 11 / 12) are in church for the first ten minutes of the service. They then go to the Vestry Room where they make craft items, watch Christian DVDs, sing and compose prayers.

They return to the service for the last ten minutes where, most Sundays, they sing for the congregation or read prayers before the service ends.

Following the service biscuits and squash is served and the children are given stickers and chocolate! They have great fun and it is lovely to have the children in church at the beginning and the end of the services.
The Junior Church Leaders are:

Mrs. Caroline Coggan 01291 671081
Mrs. Carol Southwell 01291 672293
Father Julian Grey
telephone: 01291 671032