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Attendance and Term Time Absence


The United Nations Article 28 states, ‘Every child has the right to have a primary education’. Thank you for supporting the school in exceeding our attendance target this year and helping us ensure this basic human right for every child.


We continue to experience a high demand for absence during term time for family holidays. In particular we frequently see a significant number of children being taken out of school early on a Friday afternoon ahead of a weekend away and to "beat the traffic".


Whilst we appreciate the significant issues around term time holiday prices, differences in holiday dates between different local authorities and the importance of families spending quality time together, it is not appropriate for us to support these requests.


Absence from lessons has a notable impact on learning, attainment and standards for pupils and, in the short term, a missed session means disruption to learning


Schools have to record every session (half a day) that pupils are absence and we work with colleagues in Monmouthshire's Education Welfare Team who audit our records each half term. While schools cannot physically stop a parent taking their child on holiday or being absent from school, we are required by law to note the reason for any absence and state whether it is 'authorised' or 'unauthorised'. As a general rule, only absence relating to religious observance, 'service family' commitments & exceptional circumstances can be 'authorised' by headteachers. Details of our school policy which is based on Monmouthshire County Council's Attendance Policy can be downloaded from our Policies webpage.

In reviewing whether absence can be 'authorised' we will consider the pupil's attendance over the previous 12 months and only authorise requests where this is AT or ABOVE the current whole school attendance target set by the Local Authority. For this reason, if making a request for siblings, one child's absence might be 'authorised' while the other's might not. 'Request for Absence in Term Time' forms can be downloaded from the Letters and Permission Slips webpage.


Thank you for your support.


Attendance over time taken from My Local School, a website designed to open up access to schools data for parents and all others with an interest in their local school.