Usk Church in Wales Primary School

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Credu... Cyflawni... Llwyddo

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Aladdin Script

01_Overture Arabian Nights.mp3

02_Arabian Nights (Playoff).mp3

03_One Jump Ahead.mp3

04_Beggars .mp3

05_Prince Abdullah .mp3

06_One Jump Ahead (Reprise) Proud of Your Boy.mp3

07_Transition to Palace .mp3

08_These Palace Walls .mp3

09_Incantation .mp3

10_Transition to Marketplace .mp3

11_Babkak Omar Aladdin Kassim .mp3

12_Chase 1 .mp3

13_Chase 2 .mp3

14_Into the Desert.mp3

15_Who Disturbs My Slumber.mp3

16_The Cave of Wonders .mp3

17_Cave Collapses .mp3

18_Genie Appears 1 .mp3

19_Friend Like Me .mp3

20_Friend Like Me (Playoff) .mp3

21_Cave Opens.mp3

22_Aladdin's First Wish.mp3

23_Prince Ali .mp3

24_Prince Ali (Playoff) .mp3

25_Transition to Jasmine's Balcony.mp3

26_A Whole New World.mp3

27_Aladdin's Arrest.mp3

28_High Adventure .mp3

29_Genie Appears 2 .mp3

30_Wedding Procession .mp3

31_Jafar's First Wish.mp3

32_Prince Ali (Reprise).mp3

33_Jafar's Third Wish.mp3

34_Someone Makes Good.mp3

35_Finale .mp3


37_Exit Music.mp3